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Fire Grant Council

Grant Council Meeting Notification

Meeting Scheduled for July 28, 2022 at 9:00am.
Meeting ID: 257 047 6148
Passcode: OvuiQZ

Grant Council Meeting Agenda

For the FY23 grant cycle, the NMFPGC will be prioritizing grant requests for water supply systems, tenders with a minimum 500 GPM pump and type 3 wildland vehicles with a minimum of a 750 GPM pump.

FY23 Fire Grant Application

fire truck picture

*For questions and technical support regarding the application, departments should initially contact their SFMO Fire Support Inspector.

Eligibility requirements will be in effect for the upcoming FY23 grant cycle.

FY22 Fire Protection Grant Summary

231 Applications were reviewed and scored.

  • The state was divided into north and south sections.
  • Three councilors from the north reviewed and scored applications from the south, and three councilors from the south reviewed applications from the north.
  • The three scores for each department were merged and averaged. Each department’s ISO rating was then added to the raw score for a final ranking. Any outliers were reviewed by the council. This method ensures that all applicants were evaluated equally with respect to the critical nature of the request and their ISO rating.

249 applications were started with 231 submitted for review.

  • Total amount of the requests: $56,134,177.
  • Total cost of all projects being undertaken by applicants:  $68,042,097.

90 applications reviewed for awards with 5 denied funding.

  • 141 of the 231 applications were not funded due to a lack of funds.

85 applications were awarded for a total of $19,423,811.

28 applicants requested and were awarded stipends for recruiting, retention and education programs (from $12,745-$25,000) for a total of $687,745.

Total unfunded grant requests: $36,710,365.

Within our state, there are:

  • 380 county main fire stations.
  • 80 county sub stations.
  • 28 county fire administration facilities.
  • 220 municipal main fire stations.
  • 35 municipal fire administration facilities.
  • *Note: These figures do not include private departments or tribal facilities.
Kevin HOPE

Appointed:  Municipal League

City:  Artesia

Phone:  575-513-1888


Mike Cordova

Appointed:  Fire Service Advisory Council

City:  Taos

Phone:  575-779-3447


Michael Daniels

Appointed:  Governor Appointee

City:  Las Cruces

Phone:  575-312-3208


Randy Varela

Appointed:  State Fire Marshal

City:  Santa Fe

Phone:  505-709-8150


Milo Lambert

Appointed:  Fire Service Advisory Council

City:  Silver City

Phone:  575-0339


Eutimio Ortiz

Appointed:  Governor Appointee

City:  Santa Fe

Phone:  505-204-5621


Vice Chair - Robert Casados

Appointed:  Association of Counties

City:  Logan

Phone:  575-403-7929


Chairperson - Robert Larrañaga, Jr.

Appointed:  Governor Appointee

City:  Rio Rancho

Phone:  505-280-7135