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Cost Tracking Spreadsheet


Bi-weekly Reporting Requirements

Where can I locate the Bi-weekly Reporting spreadsheet?

The Bi-weekly Cost Report can be located and download here.

Why do I need to report bi-weekly?

The required bi-weekly reporting is used to: 1) Track COVID-19 costs types; 2) Identify the Burn Rate; and 3) Prepare you for reimbursement.

When is my bi-weekly report due?

Your entity’s Bi-Weekly Cost Report is due the Friday following the last day of your entity’s pay period end, every two weeks until the end of the Public Health emergency. For example, if your entity’s payroll cycle ended on March 20, 2020. Your Bi-weekly Cost Report for all eligible costs incurred within that pay period (March 7-20, 2020) is due by Friday March 27, 2020.

What information must I include in the Bi-weekly Cost Report?

All eligible costs incurred by your entity shall be reported. There are report instructions in every tab, however if you have additional questions, we are here to help.

The report is password protect, how am I supposed to enter my data?

The report is protected to reserve formulas and pertinent information. The initial report provided password protected some cells that should have been unlocked for data entry. This issue has been resolved and the updated spreadsheet is available for download.

What cost documentation is required for reimbursement?

The Bi-weekly Cost Report includes a list of required cost documentation in every tab, specific to the category. You do not need to submit cost documentation with your weekly reports. You will be given further direction on reimbursements and sub-grant agreements at a later date.

Non-Congregate Sheltering

Is Non-Congregate Sheltering an eligible cost?

Yes, however, you must request approval to FEMA’s Region 6 Administrator, George A. Robinson. See Non-Congregate Sheltering Fact Sheet and DR-3460 Covid-19 Non-Congregate Request Template for further assistance.