Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

What is HMGP?

Hazard mitigation is any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards and their effects.

Current HMGP Local Jurisdiction Information

The Public Assistance Program also encourages protection of these damaged facilities from future events by providing assistance for hazard mitigation measures. Under the Stafford Act, Section 404 funding is available for damaged and non-damaged facilities based on a percentage of dollars obligated to the PA and IA programs. The Applicant may use both 406 and 404 mitigation funds to implement mitigation measures on the same facility, but not for the same work.

Eligibility Details

In general, individuals, businesses and private nonprofits via local governments, can apply for HMGP funding. Individuals may not apply directly for HMGP funding, but may be sponsored through an appropriate sub-applicant via a local government, state agency, tribe or tribal agency, or private nonprofit. Applications are submitted to the state, eligible tribe, or territory, which receives HMGP funds from FEMA.

Section 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

  • The Recipient manages HMGP and is responsible for soliciting applications from State, Tribal, and local government agencies. Projects submitted to the Recipient must be in accordance with the Recipient’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, address severe detrimental impacts, and have the greatest potential to reduce future losses.
  • Eligible projects include acquisition of hazard- prone property, retrofitting existing buildings and facilities, elevation of flood-prone structures, infrastructure protection measures, and hazard mitigation planning. State, Tribal, and local government agencies should direct questions regarding HMGP to the State Hazard Mitigation Officer.
  • HMGP Timeline
  • Definitions
    • Recipient: A non-Federal entity that receives a Federal award3directly from a Federal awarding agency to carry out an activity under a Federal
    • Applicant: A non-Federal entity submitting an application to the Recipient for assistance under the Recipient’s Federal
    • Pass-through entity: A non-Federal entity that provides a sub-award to an Applicant to carry out part of a Federal
    • Sub-recipient: An Applicant that receives a sub-award from a pass-through entity to carry out part of a Federal